A Shift to Comprehensive Care in the Home

We believe in you as the patient or caregiver and will support you by providing our innovative services to meet your needs. We will assist you in adjusting from receiving care in a hospital or rehab, to managing the care at home. We do this through communication and coordination with you, your doctor, your hospital or rehab staff before discharge, or in coordination with your physician’s office. We gather the information, education and treatment plan that is unique to your goals and needed level of care. Once home, it’s our task to help you achieve advancement towards independence. Our staff communicates regularly with you, your caregiver and with your doctors to enhance the exchange of information needed to optimally provide services to you. We are passionate about improving your goal outcomes, reducing time of recovery and keeping you or your loved ones where they want to be – at home and enjoying life.


State-of-the-Art Care

Care First Home Health believes in the power of technology to enable our clinicians to provide better care for our patients. To truly establish a continuum of care that connects each member of a patient’s care team, technology is required to foster communication, manage care plans and efficiently document progress. That’s why we’ve invested in programs and technologies that enable our patients to have a true continuum of care experience.

Care First Home Health is a recognized innovator and one of the first in the industry to equip its clinicians with point-of-care technology. This enables physicians to refer with an Internet portal that enables seamless, real-time coordination of patient care. Care First is continually looking for ways we can make enhancements and keep our technology up to date with the newest improvements in delivering healthcare.

Our advanced chronic care management programs enable us to deliver quality care in accordance with the latest evidence-based practices. We have designed programs for management of chronic illnesses, such as COPD, CHF and more. The objective of these specialized programs and our care in general for those without chronic health concerns is to help reduce the possibility of you or your loved one having to return to the hospital.


Because Each Patient’s Needs Are Unique

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality, comprehensive, and compassionate care in the comfort of your home, remaining sensitive to your personal circumstances and unique medical needs.

We deliver services according to a plan of treatment developed by patients, their family members, physicians and our home health staff to maximize independent functioning and reduce rehospitalizations. Patients remain safe in familiar surroundings while family members and caregivers can also be involved. Whether helping to address a serious illness, manage a chronic disease or recuperate from surgery, our skilled professionals help create a supportive and healing environment in the patient’s home.

At Care First Home Care, we have a team of healthcare professionals who have expertise in cardiac, wound care, medical / surgical nursing and have the compassion in the care of homebound patients. Our focus is to care for the patients as a whole, while working with their families to provide a successful transition and recovery for their loved ones.