Getting proper nutrition can be a challenge for individuals dealing with chronic diseases as well as those recovering from surgery or injury. Diminished appetite and the difficulty of preparing food can cause older people to suffer from reduced caloric intake and even malnutrition. Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can be difficult to manage especially when substantial dietary changes are required. A home health care Dietitian helps plan meals to meet nutritional needs.

Dietitians evaluate the unique needs and specific circumstances of each individual. If your loved one has to adjust to new dietary limits due to heart disease and/or diabetes, a dietitian can prepare a meal plan with satisfying and nutritious options to meet these new requirements. This includes creative solutions to replace high sugar and high fat choices. If treatment includes a reduction in caloric intake, dietitians can provide effective calorie tracking to measure progress and achieve goals.

When maintaining adequate daily nutrition is a challenge due to loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, or other health issues, a dietitian can provide effective meal solutions. Focusing on highly nutritious foods the individual enjoys, the dietitian will develop options to maintain caloric intake. If there are challengers preparing food, they will make the individual is connected with meals-on-wheels or other programs which provide already
prepared food.

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