Benefits of Home Care

Improved Independence, Management of Chronic Conditions and More:

  1. Home health care is an affordable alternative to having care in a rehabilitation facility or nursing home.
  2. Home health care is provided in the privacy of your home or a loved ones home.  assisted living or adult care home also called a group home.
  3. The time and frequency of visits are determined by your needs and the goals which are developed by you, your physician and our care team.
  4. Your Home health team is continually assessing your environment for safety issues you might not be aware of, like a rug that could be tripped on, slippery surfaces, etc.
  5. Our team will ask you about your understanding of the medications your taking and explain about them if you’re not clear on their use, they will also assess needs for specialized equipment or perhaps a social worker regarding a living will or power of attorney for healthcare.
  6. Many physicians prefer that patients have care through home health as it minimizes complications such as post-operative infections and is in an environment where you will be familiar with, comfortable in, and living in once home health care plan has reached the goals that were set by you and the home health team have been met.

There is nothing like the comfort and security of your own home when you are recovering from any illness. Research has consistently shown that when at all possible, living and recovering at home is the best option for the patient’s physical and mental health.